15. June 2022


To include Truck and Bus charging in the existing environment and facilities needs customized solutions: The Bricco-Corretto-system offers the flexible installation of an HPC station for 2 vehicles each with 480A charging current (2x192kW, 384kW) with a very compact and small device in the parking lot (ceiling, wall and floor installation/pedestal possible) combined with a flexible set-up power cabinet.

19. January 2022


This is the first large-scale Swiss test in which bidirectionally charging series electric cars will be used throughout people's everyday mobility – and that they can be tested under different conditions, from rural to urban. The newly launched "V2X Suisse" project aims to join forces to find solutions and deliver results that will give this technology a boost in Switzerland and beyond.

2. October 2021

Movietime! eMOTION #18

Is Switzerlands GOFAST Network a blueprint for the Germany charging network? The editor-in-chief of, Peter Schwierz not only visited and tested one of the most uptodate GOFAST charging park for his video channel eMOTION - he also spoke intensively about the details with the organizers on site. And on top of that, he experienced how easy and transparent it is to pay for the charging process in Switzerland. Have fun with the latest episode!

16. September 2021

Technology Upgrade at GOFAST.SWISS

The biggest charging site of GOFAST at the swiss location Würenlos became faster and more secure due to two swiss innovations. The amendments concerned the available charging power of the chargepoints and safety during the charging process. A more ruggedized and better monitored connector, which can take the weight of a trucklock combined with a temperature-switch, which works independent of software processing and interrupts the charging process if the system is heating up too much. Behind these technological innovations are the swiss brands, BRUGG eConnect and the EVTEC.

19. April 2021

We remember Rachid

An accident tore Rachid Ait-Bouhou from our midst. We mourn and remeber gratefully of what was part of our live together. We cannot replace him, but we can strengthen our work in his favor.

8. April 2021

EVTEC powers Mobility

The Swiss car sharing "Mobility" will electrify all of its 3k cars. This requires a massive expansion of E-charging infrastructure. Mobility promotes his own solution through cooperation with specialists in its business: EVTEC is the partner for DC charging.

12. March 2021

GOFAST ready for trucks at Highway Parking Oftringen

Until recently, the utilitarian named Oftringen Ost was an unremarkable service area on the A1 motorway. It now has an electric charging station with eight high-performance e-vehicle charging spots. Swiss company GOFAST designed the station to be ready for the future electrification of heavy goods traffic.

12. March 2021

Kick-off Migrol Fastcharging Network

The rapid adaption of battery electric vehicles increases the demand for fastchargers, especially at main traffic veins. By offering charging stations Migrol is heading for more sustainability. The charged energy can be easily paid with Debt or Credit-Cards and the Migrol-Card. Customers are gratified with additional Cumulus-Credits (Loyalty programme Cumulus)

11. December 2020

GOFAST network grows with McDonalds

The Swiss fast charging provider GOFAST is launching an ambitious project together with McDonald’s Switzerland to expand the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Switzerland. The target is to equip most of the close to 90 McDrive restaurants with fast charging stations in a period beginning December 2020 unitl the end of the year 2022. Attractive restaurant locations will therefore be added to the existing Switzerland-wide network of GOFAST fast charging stations in a short period of time.

9. November 2020

Agrola Network is growing rapidly

On the occasion of the opening of its 10th fast-charging-location, the AGROLA AG puplished its intention to setup 20 fastchargers throughout Switzerland till the end of the year 2021 via LinkedIn Posting. The growing number of such recharging stations and the underlying power supply concept is a new accent of the growing importance of emobility in Switzerland. Remarkably enough given the fact, that the first station was openend in summer 2019.

28. August 2020

Agrola - High Power: What does it take for a fast charging station

Electric cars are en vogue; by 2020, every fifth new car will be an electrified car. Time to improve the infrastructure for these cars too. GO! In an interview with Urs Riesen, Head of New Business at Agrola, shows the importance of charging stations at Agrola and how they are planned and built with a high quality roof, a lot of understanding and attention to detail.

19. May 2020

CKW customized DC/DC fastcharging «made in Kriens»

What was still missing: someone who can build such a charging station. Suker: “At the beginning we were in contact with a Polish company. However, a collaboration did not materialize. In the end we found someone in the company EVTEC in Kriens, practically on our doorstep. " At the same time, Suker submitted his project to the Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) in the pilot and demonstration program - successfully. "It feels good to know that the SFOE also believes in our idea."