Reference projects

Superfast renewable recharging all over Switzerland: GOFAST

At GOFAST, drivers can charge up their car with 100% renewable energy in the shortest time possible, regardless of the car brand or model they drive or the plug needed. Our stations are easy to use and located in attractive locations all over Switzerland. Have fun enjoying sustainable electric mobility and borderless freedom.

Future solar recharging at Agrola

Following the trend of electrified transport - in 2020 every fifth new vehicle will be an electrified vehicle - Agrola offers a completely new type of charging station. Excess solar energy harvest of their own roofs or solar power from the grid are offered to the growing community of electric drivers with fast DC charging stations for recharging. Agrola, New Energy has its own resort at Agrola, which is why charging stations are planned and built to a high quality with a roof, a lot of understanding and attention to detail.


Solardriven Turnkey solutions for electric vehicles After the first 3 years of collecting data we resumed interesting facts: an accumulated energy harvest of 24'970 kWh enabled a solar autonomious range of 100'180 km travel distance, it saved 16’518 kg CO2 on a Well-to-wheel-base and 11'482 CHF cost of fuel.

espresso&charge DC/DC

At the AVIA gasoline station located Luzernerstrasse 56, Kriens, Switzerland können Autofahrer ihr Fahrzeug künftig an einer 375 Ampere Ladestation direkt von der VBL-Oberleitung mit nachhaltigem Strom aus erneuerbaren Quellen laden. Autos können je nach Hersteller-Ladestrom in 10 Minuten bis zu 100 Kilometer nachladen.

V2H in practice

36 kilometers is the average distance an average swiss person travels per day in its car. Its less for second cars. Forward looking technology connects idling cars to buildings, the vehicle is used as storage device for electricity from the sun (solar energy). The car is fuelled by the sun; the energy no longer comes from the socket, but from the roof.

IKEA Chargelounge 2.0

DC-Charging from a secondary use traction battery: Balance the energy demand evenly without demand peaks and make charging a special event. Ikea chargelounge at the german city of Ludwigshafen proofs that customer satisfaction is growing faster than the required amount of energy.

Charge future and solar energy at Agrola

Following the trend of electrified transport, Agrola offers a new type of petrol station. Planned with attention to detail and expertise. Solar power from the roof or from the grid is provided specifically for fast chargers. That is why "New Energies" have their own resort at Agrola.