We remember Rachid

In memoriam – Rachid Ait-Bouhou

It was with great sadness that we heard that the life our long-time companion, mentor, friend and pioneer, Rachid Ait-Bouhou, ended way too soon.

Rachid wove a sympathy network

The nimble and wide-awake spirit often selflessly brought together interested parties and potentials from different camps, more and more often on white sneakers. It was important to him for the cause. In the sympathetic grid he wove has not been missing any e-mobility trade fair of the last 10 years. His grid of kindness has shaped the industry from the very beginning with his friendly but determined nature. In an often very alternative scene, his exemplary outfit with pocket square, always appropriate for the occasion, was particularly noticeable.

Rachid, the pioneer

He tackled and invested where investors were hesitating before this early adopter movement became an industrial mainstream. He was personally involved in the creation of the first express charging stations on the Autobahn. He took our first superfast charger as an opportunity to always think bigger and have it installed over a large area.

Grateful continuation of his work

We would like to express our condolences to his beloved wife and remaining family and friends. Together with his friend and photographer Axel Schmies we searched the archives for documents of a wonderful period. By that contribution we would like to express gratefullness and the continuation of his life's determination. We try always to give everything - and thus him eternal life in our midst.

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RIP Rachid Ait-Bouhou

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Rachid Ait-Bouhou - schöneres Fahren


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Interview BEM

Rachid Ait-Bouhou - Mister eMobility