EVTEC powers Mobility

Electric power for Mobility Switzerland

The Swiss car-sharing provider Mobility has set itself the goal of driving completely electrically and emission-free by 2030 at the latest. The highest hurdle is the network of e-charging stations.

EVTEC as partner for DC charging

With Juice Technology, EVTEC and Helion, the car sharing provider is now bringing three partners on board with whom it intends to drive the expansion. By 2023, 300 charging stations should be available across Switzerland - “at least”, as Mobility Managing Director Roland Lötscher emphasizes: “We want as many charging stations as possible, as quickly as possible. The future belongs to e-mobility. We want to lead the way. "

Cooperative approach 

Since Mobility does not own its parking spaces but rents it, it will be crucial whether and when the landlords join in with the electrification. Lötscher is confident: "I think most landlords will recognize the signs of the times and take advantage of our offer." This offer consists of the site owner providing the grid connection while Mobility installs its own charging solution.

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Mobility Switzerland 

Mobility brings hundreds of e-charging stations across Switzerland