Kick-off Migrol Fastcharging Network

Migrol AG starts a national initiative throughout Switzerland

Thursday, March 11 2021, Migrol AG opened in Studen, a city in the swiss canton of Bern its first self-operated fast charging station. This was the kick-off event for a nationwide initiative. The existing gasoline stations of the brand "Migrol" will offer additionally DC-fastchargers. The offered charging power of 160kW allows repowering batteries of electric cars during a decreased break-time. The short period can mostly utilized for a coffee or drinks in the nearby convenient stores of the brand.

Unique and new is the payment system of the chargers allowing to settle the balance with Debt- or Creditcards. This allows the travellers easy local payment at the point-of-sale, without registering personal data by additional online interactions. Customers collect additional credits of the "Cumulus"-System (Fast-Charging Value of 2 CHF equals 1 Cumulus-Credit. The business clients of the Migrol FidelityCard enjoy a legally confirmed invoicing of the energy for recharging the vehicle including value added tax requirements, the private customers of the Migrolcard enjoy the double credit within the Cumulus system (2 CHF equals 2 Cumulus credits)

Migrol is increasing its efforts remarkably regarding the chargers placed at gasoline stations, as well as it is expanding its efforts to the B-2-B segment of charging points for employees at its premises and at home. This increases the available charging stations addtionally.


About Migrol AG

The Migrol AG is part of the Migros-Group and is one of the leading energy service providers in the swiss market. With more than 300 stations it is one of the significant providers of gasoline-stations, convenience-stores, car-wash and -service stations and is heading to become the best service provider for its customers by a steady development of new products and services.

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Migrol AG

Migrol initiates a national Fast Charging-network throughout Switzerland (german language)