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GOFAST Innovation at swiss Highways

Two new safety features

were combined at the GOFAST Würenlos site the first time

  • On the one hand, the charging station manufacturer EVTEC uses a temperature measurement, which is evaluated by software and then dynamically reduces the charging power in the event of excess temperature. The charge is not interrupted, but would be reduced to a lower charging power.
  • With the new, patented technology, an independent measurement is added which monitors both high-current contacts. If a measuring point exceeds the threshold value, communication with the vehicle is cut off. The shutdown logic takes place without the influence of the application software and thus offers a significant gain in safety. If the software fails, the charging plug is protected from overheating. Markus Kramis, Managing Director of EVTEC, adds: "This innovation is unique in the world and sets a standard for maximum user safety."

Swiss made charging cables - no need for additional cooling

For the fast charging cables, EVTEC AG relies on the Swiss cable manufacturer BRUGG eConnect. BRUGG recently presented its new charging plug, which sets a standard for robustness and safety. Patrick Kern, CEO of BRUGG eConnect explains: “In the future, more and more electric trucks will be on Swiss roads. That's why we wanted to develop a connector that is even more robust and dust-tight. We mastered this challenge with the compact connector. The charging plug, which is injection-molded with polyurethane, was the first plug in the world to be certified with protection class IP69. For us as a Swiss SME, this is a unique success! "

The operator GOFAST is also proud of this innovation. Domenic Lanz, CEO of GOFAST, adds: “When building our Switzerland-wide fast charging network, we have been relying on the high quality and reliability of our systems from the start. This of course also includes the continuous improvement of the components. We are pleased to be able to implement this new quality standard "made in Switzerland" with the manufacturers EVTEC and BRUGG eConnect. »

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