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Fastchargers made in Switzerland

What was still missing: someone who can build a real charging station. Suker: “At the beginning we were in contact with a Polish company. However, a collaboration did not materialize. In the end, with the company EVTEC in Kriens, we found justification, practically on our doorstep. »Suker implemented his project at the Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) in the pilot and demonstration program - successfully. "It feels good to know that the SFOE and our idea also know."

The project should set a course

The SFOE hears and distinguishes the project until September. The Bern University of Applied Sciences and CKW measure data, evaluate it and lose out whether the idea is accepted in practice. Suker is optimistic: "I've heard that the charging station in Kriens will not be the only one of its kind." He would like more, not just in Lucerne, but throughout Switzerland and perhaps also in neighboring countries.


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Press release 

CKW: The new charging station draws electricity for electric cars directly from the trolleybus overhead line