Growth from Niche to market

The company was founded in the year 2010 to meet customer requirements for which there was no market yet. We are creative thought leaders and courageous pioneers for our customers. As a matter of course this creates imitators, like-minded people and competitors which are needed to spread the systems through a network creating a market what used to be a niche. Important to us remain the same values:

  • energy efficiency through scalable performance levels,

  • needs-based energetic controllability and

  • communication systems that are as open as possible,

in order to match the developing needs in the future.

As a secondary use for Nissan Leaf 24kWh Powertrains - Peakshaving in the Chargelounge 2.0

Smart charging

Our experience has resulted in many modules that can be used, freely combined and configured over a wide range of performance.

Storage and energy management increase complexity, but are worthwhile in the medium term. Our very first systems from more than 10 years have been running stably up to nowadays, our principles are still paying off today.

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EVTEC roots are its future: we are not only staying close to the asphalt through the support of the AMZ Racing Team at the Technical University (ETH) of Zurich. The steady exchange with researchers and pioneers creates ideas for improving everyday products. Nowadays these solutions are powering various swiss charging networks. Yesterday's racetracks are the test tracks of our customers today. The firm base of mobility is called availability.

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Research & Development

EVTEC cooperates with research to improve energy efficiency. This creates charging concepts that will still meet requirements tomorrow. The results flow into our control and storage systems. In the future, we will not only charge vehicles quickly, but also incorporate its components in a system-relevant manner.

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Custom solutions

We can adapt products for you or supplement them with specific components. After the agreement on the feasibility, we work in controllable development steps up to the acceptance of the project.



Together we can make high-performance battery systems for utilizing more solar energy. On the one hand, the stationary use after its lifecycle as traction battery in the car; this secondary use of batteries spare resources and improve the environmental balance. On the other hand by integrating V2X vehicles during their idle time by connecting it to buildings with our sospeso&charge solutions. In both cases, the result is greater independence from grid supply. The side effect for utilities: the grid is relieved of incalculable burdens from electricity feed-in.

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EVTEC - Custom USP Icon

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