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e-Mobility on the threshold of a mass market

The market

The latest study of the Swiss Association of Car Drivers (Touring Club Suisse (Switzerland) - TCS) on e-mobility shows that over half of the Swiss population can imagine buying an e-car in the next few years and that e-mobility is on the threshold of the mass market. However, a lack of charging infrastructure is still one of the main reasons against buying, although the expansion of the charging network is making rapid progress in Switzerland. The expansion of an easily accessible and reliable charging infrastructure helps broad circles to build trust in the new technology. While the e-mobility pioneers in recent years have accepted problems such as the tariff chaos or poorly located and uninviting public charging stations with a lot of idealism, the next generation of e-car drivers expects a comfortable and smooth charging experience that offers additional added value.


The company

The Swiss company GOFAST (GOtthard FASTcharge AG) builds and operates the densest national fast charging network for electric vehicles. More than 50 fast charging locations are already in operation along the main traffic axes and at important traffic junctions. In order to give E-car drivers the greatest possible freedom and short charging times on the go, the Network Expanded to over 150 locations throughout Switzerland over the next few years. GOFAST is working with local partners to expand the charging infrastructure.
At a GOFAST charging station, an additional range of up to 150 kilometers can be achieved in 10 minutes. Regardless of the plug type or charging system, at a GOFAST station, electric cars from all manufacturers can charge at maximum speed. Only Swiss electricity from renewable sources is used for charging.


Information about the company GOtthard FASTcharge AG


The GOFAST chargers

At GOFAST, customers can charge up to 150 km of range in just 10 minutes. The electricity comes from 100% renewable sources. The short charging break of 20-40 minutes can be comfortably bridged in one of the restaurants, shops and cafés near the GOFAST fast charging station.

In contrast to the various car manufacturers with different accessories, GOFAST is the only provider to offer all plugs and customers can simply pay with an RFID card, smartphone app or credit card. Due to the variable electricity costs in Switzerland, however, there are different prices at the locations. Customers of swisscharge.ch, Energie 360 ​​° and credit card users can see the information on the display of the charging station. Customers of other charging services, such as MOVE, Plugsurfing, NewMotion, ChargeNow, take the price from the respective provider.