CHAdeMO + CCS Combo 2

EVTEC - Available in europe EVTEC - Available in switzerland

Verfügbar in Europa und Schweiz

EVTEC - sospesoandcharge2in1

Honda developed it as a power manager, we call it sospeso&charge because you can not only charge electricity to the car, you also get something in return. The 2in1 combines two V2X systems in one device:


  • Nissan Leaf all series with V2X capability
  • Nissan eNV
  • Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Mitsubishi iMiEV (Peugeot Ion, Citroen C Zero)


  • Honda e

Artikel-Nr. 10990 

CE conformity

Plug & Play

CCS2: Honda e

CHAdeMO: Nissan and Mitsubishi

Automated V2X


EVTEC - Custom USP Icon

bidirectional V2X Charging

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