move&charge 3in1

Make the best use of your 3-phase 32A socket

EVTEC move&charge (known as well as "mobile fast charger" or MFC) has been developed as the simplest DC fast charge device. move&charge utilizes your existing 3 phase grid of 32A to its best. move&charge can operate on every three-phase plug (CEE 32A/63A) without any additional installation costs. 

EVTEC move&charge 3in1 with CCS, CHAdeMO and type 2 socket



Compared to the common AC wallboxes the EVTEC move&charge can make a significant difference. In the figure above, an example of a DC charging cycle with MFC compared to a Citro√ęn C-Zero onboard charger (identical to Mitsubishi iMiEV and Peugeot iOn) is shown. Readings for 80% charging capacity.


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