shop&charge 3.0 - One Charger for everybody!

shop&charge  is  an  AC-charging  station  for  all  electric vehicle types, that has been developed for outdoor use i.e. for restaurants and parking lots.

The  mode  3  charging  station  is  available  with  up  to three  attached  individual  charging  cables,  which  allow simultaneous  charging.  The  connection  power  is dynamically selectable.

In  its  newest  generation  shop&charge  features  a  color display,  which  show  the  individual  charging  processes and allows for easy access to the station via an OCPP-compatible backend.

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Compatible with everything

All  BEV’s,  PHEV’s,  REEV’s  with type  1  and typ 2 (without  the  need  of  any  adapter  cables)  as  well  as  e-scooter,    EV’s  from  the  first  generation  and  vehicles with  mode 2 charging cables can be connected.

Load management

Through its integrated control gateways shop&carge is easily integrated in local load management systems (i.e.: ‚Äěbarista‚Äú) . This helps to prevent local peak demand and to dynamically charge up to three vehicles at the same

Proven quality

shop&charge is developed and produced in Switzerland.
And it’s been successfully installed in over 200 locations in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Austria since 1997.


Advantages of shop&charge 3.0


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