The easy way of load management

coffee&charge bi-directional offers an ideal solution for the integration of batteries into the local renewable power supply.

By means of the 10kW charger (upgradeable to 20kW) the electric vehicle can easily be connected to a house or small business via  a  CEE plug. Simple as that, without the need for any additional and expensive electric installations. Through the then usable battery capacity local demand peaks can be cut and the level of self-sufficiency raised.


Towards the zero emission building

coffee&charge bidirectional turns an EV into a power source for your buiding.

Combined with the solar panels on the roof of your building you can use the green energy even after sunset or during cloudy days. The stored power reserve can be used to offset demand in peak times, which is decreasing the stress of the grid, as well as reducing the supply cost of energy.


Fast and easy installation

coffee&charge bidirectional is easy installed at low cost.  There is no need for an excessive supporting electrical
infrastructure. A common 16 to 32A 400V AC-connection is perfectly suitable to start. The fastcharger can be mounted on an open-source opi2020 foundation or on a corresponding surface mounting plate.


Main features

•  locale storage use
•  peak demand cut
•  higher selfsufficieny
•  controllable via OCPP

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