espresso&charge provides up to 150 kW DC + 60 kW AC and features all fast charging standards of all European, Asian and American car manufacturers. Therefore it is ready for current and next generation vehicles. espresso&charge offers different payment- and access-systems and is an ideal fit for places with high traffic volume such as motorway service areas or for fleet maintenance applications.




Dynamic Power Management

espresso&charge adjusts the output power of its plugs during parallel charging sessions to meet the connected cars needs optimally. “Dynamic DC-Power Splitting” is an optional feature.




Adaptable DC-Power up to 150 kW


extendable & flexible: The total DC power output is ,adaptable by adding additional Power Units. Like this, the charger can be tailored to local market needs. The standard model features 60 kW DC + 60 kW AC





espresso&charge: THE multi standard fast charging station in the highest power class: Designed for electric cars and plug in hybrids of current and future generations.



Factsheet espresso&charge (PDF)


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